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Explosion Proof

Explosion Proof

Heavy duty polyethylene treated with resin & chemicals in the composite layer of cylinder assures 100% safety from explosion. Highly Safe composite material does not expand unlike metal cylinders.

Light Weight

Light Weight

Light in weight (about half of weight than metal cylinders) gives convenience to move. Thus, suitable for spine health & prevent scratches to smooth flooring. Makes life easy even for elderly & people living in apartments.

Translucent Visibility

Translucent Visibility

The translucent visibility enables one to check the level of liquid gas. This not only ensures complete value for money, but also gives freedom from sudden exhaustion of Gas.

Elegant Design

Elegant Design

Handles for easy lifting, space for regulator fitting, attractive colour & elegant design gives aesthetic value & convenience with outer casing that suits for rough handling.

Bottling Plants
Cylinder Manufacturing Units
Auto LPG Dispensing Stations
States Across India

Capability to Supply gas connection & refill pan India.

New Generation World Class LPG Cylinders

Available in 4 Sizes

The Cylinders are available in four different sizes ( 2 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg   & 20 kg ). Gives the flexibility to choose, for various purposes.


Energy Efficient Cylinder with Safety Measures

A seamless composite translucent cylinder made up from a polyethylene, moulded inner lining, glass fibres and resin with inner liner to create an even greater strength and an outer layer makes this a perfect one to use.

Pinnacle of Safety

Easy Regulator Fitting

Energy Efficient Cylinder with Safety Measures and easy fixing helps it extremely convenient for people using it.

Handle For Easy Lift

Gogas Elite Cylinder comes with specially designed handle rings that provide a firm grip.

Liquid Gas Visibility

It comes with a translucent body that enables you to accurately check the LPG level against the light.

Blastproof Material

When it comes to LPG cylinders, safety is of paramount importance. Gogas Elite Cylinders are tried & tested and every cylinder has proven to be 100% explosion proof and safe even when engulfed in fire.

Light Weight

Gogas Elite Cylinders are user-friendly due to its structural design and lightweight. These Cylinders are almost half the weight of metal cylinders.

Non Corrosive Body

The Gogas Elite Cylinders do not corrode or rest unlike its metal equivalents and therefore there are less chances of leaving stains and marks.

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Passed through stringent tests

Hydraulic proof pressure test

Hydraulic volumetric expansion test

Cylinder burst test

Ambient cycle test

Vacuum test

Environmental cycle tests

High temperature creep test

Flow test

Drop test

High velocity impact (Gunfire) test

Fire resistance test

Permeability test

Torque test on cylinder neck boss

Leak Test

Pneumatic cycle test


Approvals & Certifications

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